Production company “PAKPROMET” D.O.O. founded on the first June, in 1989 in Kragujevac, at first started with mobile services. In the year 1992, we succesfully developed packaging machines for mini dairies KZ 800 and PF 500.

In 1998. we start with an automatic packaging machine into PE cups type MONOPAK, that we upgrade to its 17th version these days.

In 2002. we develop to automatic machine FORMOPAK.

In 2004. we involve machine SEBOPAK 3000 for milk and yougurt packaging into bottles of 0,5 and 1 litre, and finally, and TERMOPAK 650 for group packaging of bottles into self-contracting thermo-phoil.

In 2008. we produce an automatic line for bottle filling PESET 6000 V, which we install at Imlek, Belgrade and TERMOPAK 6000 and a thermosliving machine made in Carville, USA. For Zagreb's Dukat (Croatia) outputs from production is machine MONOPAK 4500 05/02 UP for filling cups volume of 0,2 and 0,5 in overpressure zone.

In 2011, from the production comes machine TRIBLOK 4500 V for the Russian market (Baribino) disinfection, filling and closing of PET bottles for milk, as well as machines BLOKPAK 6000 MG for a company Maraska from Zadar.

Yet, in 2012, our company started producing as well as TERMOPAK 12000 W for collective packing in the thermo shrinking foil with the capacity of 12000 per hour ( wraparound), for the company “Meggle” . The machine MONOPAK 6000 05 UP clean for filling cups for the Russian market ( Dubna ), then innovation in manufacturing MONOPAK 1500 10 SS T UP clean for packing of fresh cheese in a bowl of 0,50 i 1,00 a kilogram, for Sarajevo dairy Milkos, and brand-new lines PESET 4500 V TRIBLOK clean ( for Penza Rusija) and PESET 3000 F TRIBLOK clean (for Losovo Russia).

This year, 2013, we start with the of production of new line, TRIBLOK 4500 F clean for packing of milk, kefir, yogurt and with and without peaces of fruit (fluometric dosage) that is to be delivered together with the line PESET 4500 F TRIBLOK clean to the "Niska Dairy" (Serbia).

In 2014 in addition to numerous machines delivered on the territory of Europe from the standard production line of Pak Promet, working on Machines PD 5000, Fiopak 400, PD 1000 mini for the company Meggle Serbia, which are used for the filling of olives, cherry peppers etc. Also work on thermoforming machine for filling of honey, FORMOPAK 3000 delivered in Kazakhstan, and the line PESET 1000 for Buzuluk, Russia.

In 2015 we also enter with the standard program in the various spheres of the entire Balkan, as well as shipping lines PESET 3000 F TRIBLOK clean with roll fed labeling machine ETPAK RF and overpack machine TERMOPAK 650 for dairy in Kaluga, Russia. Also the line PESET 1000 for the company Zeleni Bereq in Russia, sealing machine for dairy Zdenka Zdenci, three machines for feta cheese supplied for dairy Bellanova, Vladicin Han. Monopak 4500 05 02 UP clean for dairy Milk republic etc...

2016 begins with the delivery of line PESET 6000 F TRIBLOK ultra clean fordairy in Orel, Russia, three machines for feta cheese for dairy HIT 73 in Macedonia, lines PESET 1000 for a dairy Galla Food from Budapest, Hungary, roll fed labeling machines ETPAK RF for renowned Serbian company Knjaz Milos and identical machines for dairy Tomsk, Russia, the line PESET 1000 for a company Aurora, Lucani and much more from our production program ...

2017. year begins supply of machine MONOPAK F 2000 S UP for Feta cheese, to "Lazar" dairy in Blace and "Saga M" dairy in Slovenia. Delivered machine MONOPAK 900 for Cipiripi cream for renowned company "Nestle", as well as complete line PESET 6000 F Ultra Clean for dairy “Белый медведь” Rostov on Don in Russia. In the middle of the first half of the year, we deliver machine MONOPAK 2000 UP Clean for Feta cheese for "Valleta" dairy in Guca Serbia.

In 2018. in addition to exports to Russia, we are also manufacturing machines for cups MONOPAK 4500 for “Nocko” dairy in Zivinice, machine Monopak 3000 for “Poljorad” dairy in Travnik, juice line for the Macedonian company “Anima”… In addition to the standard program, we are developing a complete line for Feta cheese, with a coagulation tunnel and we deliver “Saga M” dairy in Slovenia. At the end of 2018 we also deliver two lines for spreading cheeses “ABC” for dairy “Belje”, Beli Manastir, machine for “Vitavita” juices in powder form for company “Bahus”, line for juice labeling for “Mirotin group” Vrbas, vacuum filling line in capacity at 4500 per hour for Russian dairy in Uvarovo, machine for Fresh cheese DOZOPAK 1200 UP for a dairy “Dukat” in Croatia ...

2019. We are production the line PESET 4500 for the Russian market, with flow metric dosing, machine DOZOPAK 1000 UP 5L as well as MONOPAK 1000 T UP 5L both machine for more kinds of packaging for dairy “Mihajlovic” Paracin, two lines for cups 6000 pieces per hour and 3000 pieces per hour in clean variant for dairy “Kruna Komerc”, machine for rinsing bottles PERPAK in capacity of 8000 bottles per hour for dairy “Granice”, machine FORMOPAK for honey for buyer in Kazakhstan and etc...

We entered the fourth decade of existence .. 

and move on...

Where are we?