PERPAK 3000 - is an automatic machine for cleaning and sterilization of the bottles for the packaging lines. The machine can work even independently with an transporter added, which brings bottles in and out of the machine. The oval horizontal construcion makes easy adjustment and clear approach to the vital parts of the machine. There are two fluids available for cleaning, washing up and sterilization of the bottles (ppa, cl, 03).

 The choice of these fluids is entirely on buyer. The choice is based on tehnological regulations which buyer of the machine require.


Transporter brings the bottles into working zone. They are separated by the mechanism which brings bottles, one by one, into input mechanism. There, bottles are cathed and pinched at the upper part by the handle mechanism. In order to improve capacity of the machine, there are 12 of these handle mechanisms.

Bottles are then moved down the machine, then inverted and put on the cleaning and sterilization tube. All the way down, to the output of the machine, the fluid is injected into bottles. The order of fluid injection is entirely by choice: inject one then the other fluid, or sterilization then washing up the bottles, etc...

During the sterilization, bottles are in upside-down position, so the fluid for sterilization flows down the bottles and collects in holder, so it can be used again in same process. At the end of the process, bottles return in normal position and exit star mechanism returns them on the transporter.

In case of discontinuity of bringing bottles at place, the inject mechanism does not inject fluid for sterilization from tubes at the places without bottles.


- capacity of the machine Q = 3000 bottle / h
- power P = 2 kW
- electrical feed      U = 3 x 380 V  50 Hz
- nominal pressure P = 6 - 8 bar
- air consumption (at 6 bar-s) 100 Nl / min
- dimensions L x W x H 2650 x 1650 x 2250 mm
- weight M = 1750 Kg
- height of bottle 190 mm - 340 mm
- diameter of bottle Φ = 110 mm