SEBOPAK 3000 line is designated for packaging of various viscosity liquid into bottles capacity of 0,5 - 2 l. The shape of the bottles, capacity and material, as well as closure, must be clearly defined by the clinet buyer. Basic version of SEBOPAK 3000 line, is designated for milk and yogurt filling into PET bottle with wide inlet and spiral closure, capacity of 0,5 and 1L.

SEBOPAK 3000 line is completely automatic. The operater puts empty bottles at the front part of the transporter, and displaces them, filled, dated and closed at the end of the process.


SEBOPAK 3000 line consists of: plate transporter with authonomous run, vacuum rotating filling mechanism with 16 places to fill bottles, transporter of closure mechanism, and closure mechanism with date stamp. 

Rotating filling mechanism has its own authonomous run, which can be fine adjusted for filling speed by the frequency regulator. The bottles are run into the rotating filler by the input mechanism, which movement is synchronized by the filler, and the filled bottles are moved into the transporter by the same mechanism. The next operation is closing of the bottles and date stamp. Rotating filling mechanism is equipped with the liquid level sensor, regulator of the liquid flow and automatic mechanism for cleaning the vessel. The run of the closing mechanism is connected with frequency regulator, which enables sychronized operation of closing part with filling mechanism. The head of the closure mechanism has its own rotating run friction mechanism for cosing power adjustment. On the left side there is an automatic handler of the closures. There are closures put Into its basket, which orientation is determined by the spiral channel and put into position just at the top of the bottle. The output lock is triggered by the bottle, which runs mechanism for final closure of the bottle. In the case to order the machine PERPAK 3000, in the basket we will fit on UW lamp with porter and protector for plug on their way. Parallel to the closure handler, there is pneumatic mechanism for date stamp. The stand of the machine, all the protected covers, and other elements which comes to contact with liquid are made of stainless steel. Electrical control panel is specialy protected from moisture.

Operating, adjusting and maintenance of the line is quiet simple and also, the user manual is supplied with the machine itself. SEBOPAK 3000, or dosing vacum sistem, require quality bottles, that means constant of dimension and quality of bottle. For other beneficiary, we are at the end of documentation for the machine SEBOPAK 3000 k with clip doser.


- capacity of the machine Q = 3000 bottle / h
- dosing range 0,50 - 2 lit
- power Pi = 4.7 6 kW
- nominal voltage U = 3 x 380 V  50 Hz
- nominal pressure P = 6 - 8 bar
- air consumption (at 6 bar-s) 120 Nl / min
- dimensions L x W x H 5000 x 1600 x 2500 mm
- weight M = 2600 Kg