BLOK 6000 V


is automatic line used for disinfection, vacuum filling and closing the bottles. On the line is quiet possible to fill all the fluids in the PET bottle with wide neck and screw cap volume of 0.25 to 2 liters.

It consists of washing machine, filling machine and conveyors connecting these parts. The line has a unique drive, the transfer is with cardan, and speed lines with frequency controller can be changed. The line is lead by PLC, and by function of machines accessed via touch screen. All machines in this line are designed as a circular, horizontal, allowing easy adjusting and easier access to vital parts of the machine. All elements of the machine coming into contact with the liquid to be packed up and packaging, and all protective coverings are made of stainless steel. Stands machines and plant components are made of structural steel. The command part is placed in the electrical closet that the door seal is protected from humidity.


Bottles in the work zone machine lead by transporter where they separate input progressive snail that is in synchronization with the input star of bottles on washing machine.

Input stars bring one by one bottle into machine impeller, where they accept the clamps which grasp the bottle in the area of cervical bottles. At the end of the disinfection process, bottle are rolling over in a normal position and the sense of the source star is back on the conveyor, who bottle driven by screw conveyor refers to the filling machine where the input star is bring into the charging process. Rotary charger is equipped with sensors for control the liquid level in the tank, regulaton flow of liquids and an automatic washing machine.

At the end of the filling, output star taken off the bottles on the conveyor, where the screw conveyor lead them to the closing machine, and using the star system and head for bandaging, on the bottle was placed and wrapped a cork. The head of the closure mechanism is cogged conected over run mechanism and each head, by friction and by spring, can be arrange by wished speed of close. The cover selector has its own run mechanism which can change the speed.


- capacity Q = 6000 bottle / h
- dosing range from 0,25 to 2 lit.
- engage power Pi = 6.7 kW
- electrical feed U = 3 x 380 V  50 Hz
- air pressure P = 6 - 8 bar
- consumption of the air 240 Nl / min
- dimensions 7500 x 2500 x 2700 mm
- mass of the machine M = 3920 Kg
- height of bottle
190 mm - 340 mm
- diameter of bottle Φ = 110 mm