TERMOPAK 6000 - This line is designated for single and group phoil packaging. This phoil is thermo contract type, coheres at product, that protects from the outer infulence. The group type of packaging makes good homogenic efect of products packaged. There are vast variety of product that can be packaged this way, but the most common use is for the packaging of bottles, boxes, caskets, etc. in the alimentary and hemical industry, especially for mass production products. Such packages can be easily and safely stored and properly maintaned, all the way to the customer.

Line TERMOPAK 6000 is especially intended and designated for group packaging of PURE PACK type of boxes.


Thermo contraction phoil enfold line TERMOPAK 6000 is automatic, and consist of many units – modules, that makes an stable functional whole. Filled and closed bottles are moved to the machune by transporter, where are accepted by inlet modular transporter.Moving to the mixer and longitudaly guideline, bottles start disposing by width of modular transporter and filling all column by longitudaly guideline.The bottles which are polarized and arranged, move to the stopper. Alternatiely work of anterior and posterior stopper acheive devoting of group of bottles into requesed format.

Package of bottles move forward by modular transporter and strike at chain transporter transom. The transom is moving slowly than modular tape, so it keeps package which still gets form, supporting by lateral lateral and longitudal limit stop bottles crossing from one to second column.Guided in that way package move to the modular transporter, where is stopping panel. Bottles in formed disposal stay at panel while transom goes forward. The next transom of chain transporter, which support and guide next package, move to the first package, which is at stoped panel and push it through phoil film. In the same time this transom leave next package at stop panel.When package pass off under the iron and unwinding of foil, in that moment starting belt transporter which is situated behind iron sopporter, and helping to position package in condition for welding of foil. Iron and presser of package starting at the same time. Presser passing shorter orbit, and pushing package from above. Iron are going down in lower stead, welding and cutting foil, and concidentaly forming new film of foil (sintesing upper and lower foil). After determine defined time of welding, iron is get back on lower position in the same time when presser. At the time foil from wheel are unwinding by described technique: passing accros the foil, package propel swing arm, and accros microswich starting motoreductor and unwind foil from wheel.This formating package comes on transporter, which takeing accross the chamber, where is processing termal shrinking foil around the package. On exit of chamber, package comes under convection of cold air where getting consistence and final style. Cooling unit is situated just behind the thermo contraction chamber, and its purpose is to quickly cool the phoil that enrols the package.

The cooling process is done by the cold air supplied by the fan. Pickup transporter constructed as gravitational roller, is situated at the extend of the wired transporter. The angle pitch is small, so the packages arive and push one another, that makes small accumulation. The packages are cooled and stable, so they are not deformed or distort.


- capacity of the machine   Q = 12 - 14 cikl / min
- engage power
Pi = 24 kW
- electrical feed U = 3 x 380 V  50 Hz
- air pressure
P = 6 - 8 bar
- air consumption (at p=6 bar-s) 260 Nl / min
- dimensions L x W x H 6500 x 900 x 2100 mm
- mass of the machine M = 2170 Kg
- bottles layout in the package 3 programes
- phoil type Thermo contract PE
- width of the phoil (maximum) B1 = 580 mm
- phoil thickness 0,07 - 0,11 mm