ETPAK 6000


ETPAK 6000 - is special automatic sistem with one head for labeling, and is designed for apply enfold selfadhesive label on the body of cylindric product. Label is gumming simultaneously on the body of production in passage, and DRP device for enfold product gives effect that label are gumming herself and product are rotate around his axis. Starting machine for labeler activating START pfotosensor for reading passing product, and suspend function are quarantee STOP pfotosensor situated on the head for labeling with possibility of reading diferent type of label and retro-paper.


Stand of the machine with procron contsruction and procrong plates, automatic head for labeling complete with:

Pulling device with passing rollers for paper, which permis etiquete to 128mm width (130mm with retro-paper), complete unforler of roll with shank of roll and driver of roll max 280mm in diameter and automatic enfold of paper, device for coiling retro-paper to max 180 mm in diameter, stop cell ETPACK with porter for moving and suspended label in write position, long adjustable device for labeling - separation label from retro-paper, with mechanical adjustment of angle, in dependence of labeling item, POT 02, manual regulator of labeling speed, controller keyboard, microregulation on the machine adequate for position head of labeling on labeling item, reflexiv photecell for start cycle, with porter, carier plate with regulation, shaft with porter for transport sistem, DRP device for unfold label on cylindric product with carier and driver, line stop signal for alarm, electro - cupboard...


- capacity of the line Q = 6000 bottle / h
- power
Pi = 0.75 kW
- nominal voltage U = 3 x 380 V 50 Hz
- outside diameter roll with etiquete
280 mm
- inside diameter roll with etiquete min 40 mm, max 75mm
- quantity product min 20 mm , max 80 mm
- width label min 20 mm, max 128 mm
- lenght label min 20 mm, max 250 mm
- dimensions 1000 x 750 x 1400 mm
- weight M = 185 Kg