PESET 6000 F TRIBLOK clean


AUTOMATIC LINE FOR BOTTLES PACKAGING - PESET 6000 F TRIBLOK- This automatic line consists of machines: UNOSPAK 6000 (machine for putting bottles on conveyor), TRIBLOK 6000 F (disinfection, fluometric filling and closing of the bottles), ETPAK 6000 (labeling machine for adhesive labels) and TERMOPAK 6000 (group packagings into thermocontracting phoil).

OPTIONAL: PAK 12000 - air knife (bottles dryer), ETPAK RF (Roll Feed labeling), KARLLVILE (Shrink Sleeve applicator)

The role of the operator is to put on the empty bottles at the input line, and to take formed packagins out at the end of the line.