TRIBLOK 9000 F clean


Line TRIBLOK 9000 F clean is designated for disinfection, fluometric packaging and closeIing bottles. At this line is possible packaging all calm liquids, as a fruit yogurt with fruit pieces into PET bottle with wide neck and screw cap volumes from 0.25 to 1.5 liters.

The shape of the bottles, capacity and material, as well as closure, must be clearly defined by the buyer.

Line TRIBLOK 9000 F clean is completely automatic, and role of operater is control operation and removal possible defects.


TRIBLOK 9000 F clean consists of three functional units that run with common motor reducer. The complete machine is enclosed on its top a laminar flow hood with HEPA filters which achieved sterility of the air inside the charging zone. 

The first part is intended for disinfection peroxide and rinse bottles. The inlet section is located distributing snail that has a role to take the bottle out of the air transport and to introduce them into the input star. From there, take the bottles with the pliers, put the nozzle in a circular course is conducted disinfection. At the end of the bottle back to its original position (neck up) and the output of such surrender of stars that are then transported to the filling. The second part has the function of the charger or the circular vacuum filler. The bottles are introduced to the circular charger with incoming star, whose movement is synchronized charger and output star filled bottles removed from the charger to the bar that it relates to the operation of closing. Circular charger supplied with the encoder to control the liquid level in the court, regulaciom flow of fluid in the court system and automatic dishwashing.

Dosing system is washed inside and outside, and the system of false bottles provides that no unnecessary spraying machine from CIP funds. The third part is closing which has its own selector plugs, a system for spraying the cap on the bottle or wrapping up the set torque required to bottle was properly closed. Presence sensor controlled release bottle caps only when the bottle is present. The stand of the filler, all the protected covers, and other elements which comes to contact with liquid are made of stainless steel. Electrical control panel is specialy protected from moisture. The cabinet will be up to 40% vacancy reserve intended for evetualnu retrofitting elements.

Operation, adjustment and maintenance of this line is very simple and followed the instruction to be delivered to the line.  


- capacity of the machine Q = 9000 litre / h
- dosing range 0,25 - 1,5 litre
- power Pi = 6 kW
- nominal voltage U = 3 x 380 V  50 Hz
- nominal pressure P = 6 - 8 bar
- air consumption (at 6 bar-s) 240 Nl / min
- dimensions L x W x H 4000 x 3000 x 3700 mm
- weight M = 5850 Kg

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