ETPAK RF - Roll Feed


The circular labeling machine ETIPAK RF (Roll Fed) with 9 (nine) nests for labeling with complete wrapping PP labels (polypropylene) and glued with hot glue (hot melt) at its end. Mechanical is more compact and suitable for smaller production plants. The design is according to all the standards of the European Union (EC) and simple to operate and maintain..


Drive of the machine is a snail gear units with speed-controlled. The label cutts rotating knife located in the mechanism for cutting. Delivery of labels to a mechanism for cutting is carried out by a servo motor. The transfer of the labels on the roller vacuum with mechanism for cutting is carried out by vacuum.

Applying glue to the beginning and end of the labels on the roller vacuum proceeds via contact with roller glue.

While the label is traveling with the roller vacuum adheres to the vacuum. When the bottle touch the roller vacuum starts positioning of labels.

Electrical parts:

- Control by PLC
- Touch – screen for contol
- System for variable speed
- Electrical cabinets of stainless steel
- Safety device for input star and device for cutting

Mechanical additional parts:

- Fast replacement of format - no additional tools
- Device for hot glue with self-regulation and recirculation


- capacity of the machine Q = 12000 bottles / hour around bottles
- capacity of the machine Q = 9000 boottles / hour rectangular and the others
- format of bottles 0,2 - 2,0 L
- power P = 22 kW
- nominal voltage U = 3 x 380 V ; 50 Hz
- nominal pressure 6 bar
- air consumption 300 L / min
- air quality class 6
- air filters 35 - 50 mkm
- label outer diameter 600 mm
- label inner diameter 152 mm
- dimension: diameter min 52 mm, max 115 mm
- dimension: height min 150 mm, max 370 mm
- label widht min 50 mm, max 175 mm
- label length min 200 mm, max 375 mm
- label thickness 35 - 45 mkm
- types and temperature glue hot melt - 120 do 160 °C
- dimensions of the machine ( W + L + H ) 2250 x 2300 x 2150mm
- weight of the machine M = 4500 Kg

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