Pak 12000 - Air knife


Air knife ’’PAK 12 000’’, the main purpose of the machine is that through a thin film of air removes dirt and moisture from the packaging of any type or format.

The machine is completely tested at the factory, Pak promet.


PAK 12 000 represents machine that belongs into lines machines, and packaging that is treated in this machine passes through the conveyor which are not for a moment stopped, but the bottle is transported through the machine continuously.

As was mentioned, the purpose of the machine is to work with an external part of remove any drops of condensate and impurities that may be found on its outer walls. The process is carried out by treating the bottles with compressed air. In the case of line, machine PAK 12 000 is placed between the machine that performs the sterilization, filling and closing packaging and labeling machine that performs labeling of packagings. Through the air knife passes a common line conveyor that brings,and after treatment removes bottles from the machine.

Bottle which comes out of Triblok is sprinkled, or on the outer wall of the bottle appeared condensate droplets. Temperature of products with which we fill our packaging is different from ambient temperature. When the bottle leaves Triblok product is at lower temperature than the outdoor temperature, which causes condensation of moisture.

It is necessary for this type of condensate to remove, so as not to create problems for the labeling.


- capacity of the machine Q = 12000 bottle / h
- installed power Pi = 5,50 kW
- nominal voltage U = 3 x 380 V 50 Hz
- blower: 7.5 HP
- brzina; sve do 200 bpm
- dimensions of machine L x W x H 1000 x 600 x 2200 mm
- weight of the machine M = 290 Kg

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