MZ 1000


The machine MZ 1000 is designed for closing small PVC and polystirenic dishes, which are previously formed and dose.
Closing is done by thermowelding with heating press.
The most usual use of this machine is for packaging creams and pastes materials, in volumes from 20 to 200 mililitars, which are closing with aluminium lids in the machine.
It is simple for maintenance, and can be used by worker of lower stage of speciality.
This machine is also usefull for production in small series.


According all characteristics, this machine is made as horizontal, one-lined, with manual apply of packaging.
Compression of press also works manualy, retreat handle down, and energy of welding is magnify multiple over mechanism. In depended of profile of dishes depend and apperance of press , and that is chois of buyer. For every profile and size of dishes is made a pedestal – tools where dishes are apply before welding.

This pedestal – tools use as support of press, and also as positioner who provide strict position of welding . Closing the dishes is done by aluminium foil with thermo lacquer, quill on sheave, with stamp or without stamp. After thermowelding the track is cut , and when is locate new dishes in welding position, manager entrain track on the sheave and locate them above dishes in welding position again. Control of temperature is done with thermoregulator.

For regular work of the machine, it is mecessary to work one or two servicers, it depend of desirable capacity. The first servicer works on dangle of lids foil and operate of press, and second servicer setting epmty dishes in tools, and welding dishes put in the boxes.


- capacity Q = 1000 cups / h
- engage power P = 0.70 kW
- nominal voltage        U = 220 V; 50 Hz
- dimensions of machine L x W x H  1000 x 500 x 700 mm
- weight of the machine
M = 60 kg

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