PAK 1400


This machine is designed for paraphining half-stiff and stiff cheese type: gauda, trapist, hard chees and other.
Paraphiring process including that all chees are soak in liquid and heating paraphin, in short time.

A t the same time, when chees are out of paraphin, you can guming etiquette on the warm ground. According the maintenance, this is semi-automatic machine with manual putting the package. It is simple for maintenance, and can be used by worker of lower stage of speciality.


PAK - 1400 is electromotor drive and mechanical implement elements.
The machine is made of many elements which compose unique dynamic complex.

It made in profile of bathtub, and on the buttom of the machine is laminated heaters which worked by thermoregulator, and with this thermoregulator temperature of the paraphin is constant.

Under side is rugged mechanism whis is roll on constant speed, without pause.
This mechanism provide vertical moving of shaft , and on the that shaft is located carrier (“tools”) with chees.

Default delivery of the machine is with two diferent tools: tools for cuvic “brik” and for round “disc” round chees.

The machine has posibility for setup speed, with change of girdle idler, but that setup should be done by authorized servicers or specialist.

For regular work of the machine it is mecessary to work two servicers, who apply shees on tools, guming etiquette and take off paraphing peace from the machine.


- capacity Q =1400 round chees / h
- peak of round chees 0.5 - 3 kg
- engage power P = 10,5 kW
- feeding U = 3 x 380 V  50 Hz
- dimensions of machine L x W x H  1300 x 700 x 1200 mm
- weight of the machine
M = 190 kg
- minimal quantity of the machine
150 litars

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