This machine is designed for individually and group packaging products into foil, which have ability of termic contraction, at the same time cohere on the product and made protection form exterior influence.

At the gorup packaging realising great homogeneity of the pack.

In that way it is possible to pack many products, and most usual use of the machine is for packaging group pack of all kind of bottles, boxes, tins... in alimentary and chemical industry, especially of products for great spending.


TERMOPAK 400 is semi-automatic machine and compose of few units-devices which are consist dynamic complex.

Unit for facing foil is consist of porter sheave of upper and lower foil, and aslo with mechanism with moveable heater (press) for cutting and welding foil. Manager forms packet on the plate and manualy glide trough foil, and then bend press and welding and cutting foil. Transportation track is made of wire plait, and transpoerter is provided of drive and pulling cylinder, and units for pulling.

Chamber for tremo-contraction is located on stand of transporter, and in there was heating of foil. Air in chamber is heating of electrical heater, his circulation realise with acsial ventilator, and temperature is regulate with thermoregulator.
Chamber is termic separated. Unit for cooler packet is located behind chamber and is usefull for chill of foil which is use to wrap packet. Cooling works in power of cold air, which realise ventilator. Receptional table with rollers is located follow-up of wire transporter.

Materials and his overhead protection are adapted for work condiotion where machine morks, and valid rules for that area production. Lesson of menage is to occasionally control of packaging quality, and control of parametars which influence on quality, and these parametars are: air temperature in chamber, speed of transportation track.

On the machine works minimum two servicers. General electro case is located on the shaft of facing unit. Command table is synoptic and easy for maintenance.


- capacity Q = 4 - 6 cikl / min
- power Pi = 13 kW
- nominal voltage U = 3 x 380 V  50 Hz
- air pressure p = 6 - 8 bars
- air spending (on 6 bars) 150 Nl / min
- dimensions of machine L x W x H  2650 x 800 x 1500 mm
- phoil type
M = 480 kg
- kind of drive
Thermo contract PE
- width of the phoil (maximum)
B1 = 420 mm
- phoil thickness
0,07 - 0,11 mm

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