PD 5000 Mini


This device is designed for measuring and dosing liquids and creams in already form dishes. Device is constructed for dosing sour milk products, and also can use for other materials in alimentary and other industries. In depended of request of orderer, it is possible dosing in major volume spectrum. This is semi-automatic device with manual moving of package. It is simple for maintenance, and can be used by worker of lower stage of speciality.


The concept of device PD - 5000 Mini is like mechainsm with pneumatic administrative drive elements. Dosing system is made as valve pump mechanism, with irretrievable pistons, whish provide precisely filling of doser when absorbing the mass, and also great precisely and repeatly of measure quantity. Mechanism for adjustment of dosing quantity is made as profile of band cylinder, and work as stiff limiter at piston rod of pneumatic cylinder. Rotation of handle, you could setup quantity, and for control of dosing quantity you should use quaqe. Demounting of piston, for changing wirst band, is very simple. This device is constructed of stainless steel and other materials, which are alowable for use in alimentary industry. For regular work of the machine it is mecessary to work minimum two servicers. The first servicer works on control of working device. Second servicer brought empty package and taking products in warehouse.


- Capacity Q = 5000 cycle / h
- Air pressure p = 6 - 8 bars
- Air spending (on 6 bars) 150 Nl / min
- Dimensions of machine L x W x H 1800 x 1100 x 1360 mm
- Mass of device
M = 220 Kg
- Kind of drive

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