PD KZ 800 05/02


This device is intended for , dosing and packing of liquids in polystyrene cups Ř75 and Ř95,in volumes ranging from 100 to 500 ml, wich is close to the device cups.

Designed for dispensing fermented products, and can be used for others substances, both in food and in other industries.

By the way labor and management characteristics of this device is a semi-automatic with manual feed packaging. Easy to handle, so that it can be served by employees of a lower degree of expertise.


The device PD – KZ 800 05/02 is designed as a horizontal single-line rotary semi-automatic with manual control and operating elements, starting with the hand of each cycle. Dosing system is designed as a piston pump mechanism, with air-operated valves that allow precies dosing in charge injection mass, and thus high accuracy and repeatability of measured quantities.

The mechanism for adjustment of dosing quantity is made as profile of band cylinder, and work as stiff limiter at piston rod of pneumatic cylinder. Rotation of handle, you could setup quantity, and for control of dosing quantity you should use quaqe. Demounting of piston, for changing wirst band, is very simple. This device is constructed of stainless steel and other materials, which are allowable for use in food industry. For regular work of the machine it is necessary to work minimum two servicers.

The first servicer works on investment and removing empty glasses filled,while the other servicer sets caps and weld them. Machine washable in the CIP but has no installation and fittings for automatic washer.


- capacity Q = 800 unit/h
- dosing quantity 0,10 – 0,50 liters
- installed capacity P = 0.85 kW
- electrical feed          U = 220 V; 50 Hz
- dimensions of machine L x W x H  1900 x 600 x 1600 mm
- mass of device
M = 150 Kg
- drilling diameter wreath 75 mm i 95 mm

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