PF 500 S


This machine is designed for measuring, dispensing and packaging of fine cheese on "poly-pak" bags, which are on the machine formed from polyethylene tubes.
Is designed for dosing small cheese, and can be used for other substances, as in food, as well as in other industries.
Depending on customer requirements is possible dosing in a wider range of volume. By the way labor and management characteristics of this device is a semi-automatic with manual packaging investment. Easy to handle, so can it serve the workers of lower level qualifications.


Machine PF 500 S is designed as a vertical single-semi automatic machine with pneumatic driver driving elements, manually adding packaging and starting each cycle.

Dosing system consists of vessels with a grating, variations of speed control, thread spindle which inserts mass in the rotor, with role of compactness and mass accuracy of dosage, dosing carrier pipes and pipelines for filling the small cheese that makes the dosing funnel tube on the machine PF 500th.
Adjust the amount is done from the command machine SF 500 and determines the duration of the engine with the help of variations.Close bag and cutting are done by impulse heater on a horizontal presses. Complete device is made of stainless steel and other materials allowed for use in the food industry. Setting the date on the machine is not provided (the bag to squeeze through the ink-yet).

For proper operation of machines is necessary to serve a maximum of two operators.The handler for the management of the operation.The second handler is working on bringing the empty containers and the diversion of finished products in storage.


- capacity Q = 500 - 800 cycles/h
- dosing quantity                     0,5  - 1,0 liters       
- engage power P = 0.50 kW
- nominal voltage        U = 220 V; 50 Hz
- air pressure  P = 6 - 8 bars
- air spending (on 6 bars) 70 Nl / min
- dimensions of machine L x W x H  800 x 900 x 2100 mm
- weight of the machine
M = 185 kg
- film thickness
D = 0,60 - 0,130 mm
- width of foil (hose)
B = 100 - 150 mm

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