This line is designated for single and group phoil packaging. This phoil is thermo contract type, coheres at product, that protects from the outer infulence. The group type of packaging makes good homogenic efect of products packaged. There are vast variety of product that can be packaged this way, but the common use is for the packaging flour in bags, especially in products for mass consumption, especially for mass production products. Such packages can be easily and safely stored and properly maintaned, all the way to the customer.


Thermo contraction phoil enfold line TERMOPAK 650 B is automatic, and consist of several units – modules, that makes an stable functional whole. - Phoil enfold unit consist of working plane, forming and moving mechanism, upper and lower phoil carrier, motor-reductor for rolling off, the packager presser and moving heater mechanism for closing and cutting off the phoil tape. All of the fore mentioned mechanisms are situated at the common stand foundation.

Filled bags are moved to the machine’s working table by the transporter, that forms properly lined and arranged packages, which are moved alongside with phoil tape to enfold. The enfold process is done when the knife heater goes down and cuts off the fourth side of the package, and welds the endings of the upper and lower phoil wing. The phoil carriers are equipped with the spindles and motoreductor mechanism, which smooths the movement of the phoil tape. Also, there are some side limiters, and support rollers that route the proper orientation of the phoil tape. The enfolded package then goes to the chamber, moved by the transporter. Transporer carrier is made of cross-wired tape, and its movemet is controlled by the support rollers, and the strech mechanism. Its movement and constant speed is acieved by the motoreductor mechanism. Thermo contraction chamber is situated at the transporter foundation, and its purpose is to warm up the phoil, and to stick phoil tight to the package. The air is warmed by the electrical heaters, movmemet by the axis fan, and the temperature of the air is controlled by the thermoregulator. The chamber is termicaly isolated by the side walls filled with termal ressistant materials, and the curtains at both ends of the chamber. Cooling unit is situated just behind the thermo contraction chamber, and its purpose is to quickly cool the phoil that enrols the package. The cooling process is done by the cold air supplied by the fan. The main electrical closet is situated at the rim of the enfold unit, and its side provides command pannel.

Inside the closet there is an power supply unit, and the case of the closet can be hermeticaly closed to prevent moisture. The controll panel is easy to handle. Programmable Logical Controller (PLC) controlls the entire process.


- capacity of the machine  Q = 5 - 8 cikl / min
- power Pi = 18 kW
- nominal voltage 3 x 380 V  50 Hz
- nominal pressure P = 6 - 8 bar
- air consumption (at 6 bar-s) 400 Nl / min
- dimensions L x W x H 3900 x 1400 x 2100 mm
- weight
M = 940 Kg
- bottles layout in the package 3 programes
- phoil type Thermo contract PE
- width of the phoil (maximum) B1 = 650 mm
- phoil thickness 0,07 - 0,11 mm

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