MONOPAK 1500 10 F


MONOPAK 1500 10 F is automatic machine for packaging of chemical products into polypropilene dishess, witch closed with polypropylene pop up lids. The massive application of the machine is for packaging for finaly building works polydispersion and dispersion, into cups capacity of 1,2 and 1,7 kg. The concept of this machine is such, that in the automatic cycle there are few synchronized functions performed: the take over of the dishes from the magazine (two kinds of it), dosing with measuring, taking lids, closing (press) with pop up lids, date stamp, and putting full and closed dishes at the reception table.


This serial, line horyzontal machine operates in the pulse run and according to the run type and the functioning type, is combination of mechanical and pneumatic mechanisms – modules.

Motoreductor runs the machine, which over splitter drive moves the main beam of the machine and pitch gear of transporter. At the side reductor there is chain with safety pin, which protects machine from overrun. The role of the interphase connection all of the cycles elements of the machine, has transporter, which spread cups from one to another mechanism , all the way to the displacer of the cups, which moves them at the reception table. From there, the operater gathers the cups into appropriate packages. The transporter consists of movement chain, with special pushing element, which pecisely position the dishes. Transporter is located on its own stand in which the mechanism for raising and lowering, which adjusts the amount of tape in relation to the amount of containers that are full. When the full containers of 1,2kg of carrier is in the top position, and the l vessels of 1,7 kg down below.The lift mechanism is run by the electromotor. The dosage is the piston, with a cubical measuring quantity, and the doser supply is from the vessel situated at the machine. Machine is equipped with frequency regulator, which adjust the speed of the run, and also, its capacity. Mount machines , preventive coverings, and other elements which comes to contact with liquid are made of stainless steel.

With the machine comes complete documentation (instructions for handling and maintenance of the electrical and pneumatic schemes and beliefs) as well as spare parts. Machine can be deliverd with soft date stamp or with ink-yet supporter.


- capacity of the machine Q = 1500 dishes / h
- dosing range 1,2 - 1,7 Kg
- power  Pi = 1.25 kW
- nominal voltage U= 3 x 380 V : 50Hz
- nominal pressure P = 6 - 8 bar
- air consumption (at 6 bar-s) 125 Nl / min
- dimensions L x W x H 2700 x 1100 x 2000 mm
- weight   M = 890 Kg
- outer dish diametar D = per sample

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