SEBOPAK 1000 01


Packaging machine SEBOPAK 1000 01 is designed for dosing, filling, closing and dateing of plastic bottles volume of 1 lit, for packaging all kind of soft drinks whose are useful in milk industry, chemical industry, industry of juice etc.

The most usual use of this machine is for packaging toners, respectively pigments for nuancing interior walls color.


Machine SEBOPAK 1000 01 is horizintal type, line and automatised, with manual apply of bottles on conveyer. According sort of drive units, this is pneumatic-mechanical machine. Machine is made of stainless steel. Work process is electronicaly navigated by PLC unit. Machine is consist of following constitution, that represent one complete set in technical and technological sense: bottle conveyor, dosing station, taking and screwing cap`s station, date station, receiving rotary table.

Bottle conveyor is made of stainless plate chain, tractive and tension unit and elements for precise guidence of conveyor. Constituent part of the conveyor are also elements for adjusting possition of the conveyor, depending of bottle size, carriers and protective bandage. On the conveyor are situated thorn`s for guidence and positioning of the bottles. Motion unit is assembled of worm gear-motor and step gear box thst provides takt motion of the conveyor. This mechanism provides non hitchable motion of the conveyor, and also precise positioning of the bottles in work stations. Dosing satation is made as piston doser with pneumatic motion and precise mechanic measurement control. Intake of fluid is exert from a tank that is placed near the machine (on the floor). Valve sistem does spliting the tank`s for intake and outtake of fluid. Unit for taking and screwing cap's station is made of charger where are located cups, rotating addition, canal for leading cover and pneumatic machanism for putting bush on bottle. Unit for curving cap's is consist of stand, motor with idler mechanism, pneumatic cylinder for leading head of caps and same head of caps.( If machine dos΄t need curving, deliveried mechanism is for screwing). Date station is pneumatic type and made as special stamp for apply quicklydrain ink. Modification numbers is very simply, and date is putting on lid of bottle. Numbers are made of special rubber. Receiving rotary table is locate on exit of bottle off transporter, made of procron, and drive unable current tact. Railing provide that bottle doesnt falling from table. In the momonet when bottle exit from transporter, they range on labile smooth who are conduce receiving table.

Reveiving rotary table is located near of manager, so for work on machine is necessary one manager who placeing empty bottle on transporter and removeing full bottles from rotary table.


- At projecting and production of machine, respectable are all criterion and codes of work protection.
- At delivery of machine, we delivering and direction for maintenance and observance.


- capacity of the machine Q = 1000 bottle / h
- dosing range 0,1 lit
- power  P = 0.75 KW
- nominal voltage U= 3 x 380 V : 50Hz
- nominal pressure P = 6 - 8 bar
- air consumption (at 6 bar-s) 140 Nl / min
- dimensions L x W x H 1800 x 1500 x 1600 mm
- weight M = 390 Kg

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