MONOPAK 4500 05/02 UP clean


MONOPAK 4500 05/02 UP clean - clean is automatic machine for packaging liquid products and creams into polystirenic or polypropylene small cups. The massive application of this machine is on the lines for packaging sour milk products and cream cheese, in volumes from 0,125 to 0,5 liters in the cup fi 95mm, as well as from 0,10 to 0.20 liters per cup fi 75mm, capacity of 4500 pieces per hour.

The concept of this machine is such that in the automatic cycle there are few synchronized functions performed: the take over of the cups from the magazine, treatment with UV lamps in the pressure, dosing with measuring in the pressure, taking lids from the magazine, treatment with UV lamps, thermal welding of lids, ink-jet date stamp, putting pop up lids fi 95, and displacing full and closed dishes at the reception craft table.  


This is three serial , line horyzontal machine which works in tact mode of operation and according to kind of drive and way of functioning, this machine represents combination of mechanical and pneumatic mechanisms-modules. Motoreductor moves the machine, which over splitter drive moves the main beam of the machine and pitch gear of transporter.

On the split reductor is wheel with safety pin, who keep the machine of overcharge. Conveyor has the role of interphase connecting all the elements of the cycles of the machine, that is transfer, which take up the cups from one to another mechanism , to cup ejector which finally ejects it onto reception table, from where worker collect them and packs. Treatment of container and covers UV lamps, as well as the dosing zone located in the armored part of machines, in the zone of pressure (see picture). The machine was created to fill the cup fi 95 and fi 75mm. (The transition from one packet to another, it is necessary to take to change a cups, take lids and cups that are inserted in the fi 75 existing lattice of fi 95) The dosage is the piston, with a cubical measuring of quantity. Energize of doser can be observe from the dish, which is located on the machine. Washing CIP is fully automated, and working four valves (see picture), are an integral part of machinery. Mount machines , preventive coverings, and other elements which are in contact with substance for packaging, are made of stainless steel.

Machine can be deliverd with spar and ink-jet stamp, as well as the mechanism for putting PVC pop up lids. With the machine comes complete documentation (instructions for handling and maintenance of the electrical and pneumatic schemes and beliefs) as well as spare parts With this conception you can get high reliability and simplicity of the machine, which is reflected in easy maintenance and adjustemnt, as well as short-time service.

- capacity of the machine Q = 4500 cups / h
- dosing range 0,10 - 0,5 l
- power Pi = 2,50 kW
- nominal voltage 3 x 380 V  50 Hz
- nominal pressure p = 6 - 8 bar
- air consumption (at 6 bar-s) 850 Nl / min
- dimensions L x W x H 4000 x 1500 x 2300 mm
- weight M = 1650 Kg
- diameter of wreath for thermoweld cups D = 75 and 95 mm