FEPAK 1500 T UP clean


Line FEPAK 1500 T UP clean - The line is used for packaging of UF white cheese.
It was designed so that through the technological process of filling mixture, coagulation, and vessel closure gets a product of the required quality.

Line FEPAK 1500 T UP clean - is automatic machine composed of three modules, capacity of 1500 pcs per hour, volume to 1l.

The concept of this line is such that in the automatic cycle there are few synchronized functions performed: a picking up of the vessels from the magazine and placing them on the conveyor, UV disinfection of vessels, dosing of non-adhesive, concentrate and rennet dosing, dosing of anti-foaming agent (optional), transfer of vessel to an endless line where the filled vessels travel 30 minutes (coagulation), ejection of vessels from endless line to output line, placing to the MONOPAK stepping lath, where in the tact mode operate: cutting, putting the parchment paper, salting (optional), taking aluminum lids with pre-welding, thermo-welding, taking and putting snap-on lids, ink-jet dating and putting closed vessels to the rotating table.

All modules are protected with clean air through HEPA filters.



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