We have been producing packaging machines for 34 years.


Apart from the production of the new machines and maintenace, the service and reconstruction of the machines of the other manufacturers is the important element of the activity of the PAK PROMET company.
Following the request, our engeneering team, defines the project for optimal reconstruction in order to provide the best possible efect in operation. Depending on the type of reconstruction there are several types of projects:
Partial reconstruction implies the complete reconstruction and replacement of the broken parts, but only at the single part of the machine, or production line.

Complete reconstruction is acomplished the way machine is dissasembled, all the parts are checked and fixed, and broken parts replaced by the original new ones. This way, the machine is put into the operating state at the owner.

Complete reconstruction with improvement impies all the forementioned activities, but also functional inprovements of some modules at the machine.

The most common reconstruction is acompished on the machines of the following manufacturers : HAMBA, KUSTNER, PREPAC, TREPKO, COLUNIO, HASIA, NAGEMA, etc…